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How to get a Green Card in the USA

How to get a Green Card hungarian translation

Ways to Obtain a Green Card in the USA

Would you like to be granted citizenship in the USA? If so, you should visit your local immigration office. The immigration office will provide you with the proper forms and steps you need to take in order to get your green card. A green card will grant you permanent residency in the USA.Green cards give you the right to work anywhere you want, go to any school and leave and reenter the country as you wish. Green cards are good for ten years in which you will then have to renew it. A green card won’t grant you citizenship in the USA but will bring you closer to the naturalization process to become a citizen.There are four ways green cards are issued. The first is through your family or spouse who is already a citizen. The second is through your work.
If your employer can prove you are the only one qualified for the job, they can sponsor you to help get your green card.

The third is through refugee or asylum status. If you left your country out of fear or persecution, you have up to one year to apply for a green card. The fourth is through the green card lottery system. In order to qualify, you must have verifiable education or work history and be from a country that doesn’t have many immigrants living here.

Getting your green card through the immigration office will bring you one step closer to gaining citizenship in America.

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